Sample soil beds for greywater irrigation and infiltration



Mass Audobon, Wellfleet Cape Cod
Mass Audobon Society bird sanctuary in Wellfeet, Cape Cod in Massachusetts. The building had a requirement for no-discharge

and is equipped with composting toilets and greywater planterbeds that thrive in the light from the sky-lights and large windows in the greenhouse like corridor.


Little Compton Rhode Island
Small outdoor planterbed serving Little Compton's library in Little Compton Rhode Island. 2 sinks and a janitorial sink delivers the water for a 3 x 8 ft planter bed.

Prefilter for the handwash water used for irrigation in a small bed outside.


Wampanoag Tribes Bld, Martha's Vineyard, greywater is cleaned and the plants are fed and watered in one process.

There is actually just barely enough water to go around all the planter beds.



Private Residences, New England

This lean-to greehouse in New Hampshire is actively cooled during the day and in the night the heat under the floor rises up and prevents freezing during the dark and over-cast

Since soil beds can operate odorlessly, they can be sited in both natural light or under grow lights. They can be placed in a south-facing window, they can be sunk into the floor as was done in a model home in Cambridge, Mass.



Private Residence, Cambridge, MA

This planterbed was originally built to demonstrate greywater use in a masonary soilbed on the floor of a basement living room.


Lewis Mill, Md. Hanson Bros.
Pioneers in gravity operated greywater treatment systems. These outdoor planter beds have successfully been used for greywater irrigation and infiltration devices for well over a decade.

These systems should be planned as part of the lanscaping of the site. Attention needs to be given to the strata underneith so that water can drain away after infiltration.


Hanson Bros. Cont.
This greywater trench is set up for dosing/flooding with around 1-2" of greywater per cycle. Can be utilized both as gravity and pump operated systems.

Showing a flower bed installation with trenches covered with flagstones that doubles as walk ways. See their site


Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada
this leachfield vegetable garden serves a high use public facility operated by Tourism Nova Scotia. The greywater from the handwashing lavs is pre-treated and then injected just under the garden's soil surface.

Out-door soil beds can be used as property dividers (for a hedge); as landscape-enhancing planters at the entrances to commercial buildings. With the latest lighting technology, vegetables can even be grown in completely dark rooms or basements


Leslie Science Center, Ann Arbor, MI
Administered by the City's Department of Parks & Recreation. Also equipped with two composting toilet systems largely used by children involved in the Center's eco-education projects.

Greywater irrigated south-facing planter bed in the Leslie Science Center 's MichCon Nature House works as the greywater purification plant.


Planter beds of different shapes and denominations have been used for symbiotic irrigation and treatment in many public facilities around the USA and Canada


Indiana County, Pennsylvania lakeside meeting center. Flower beds are an ideal use of the greywater irrigation and purification planters.

Greywater irrigated lean-to greenhouse where overcast skies are rather the rule during the winter.